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Lanny Leach, Horse Trainer & Arizona Horseman’s Challenge 2014 Judge               

Clinic Topics:  “Techniques for the Balanced Ride” & “Cow Dog Demo with ‘Audy’”

2013 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Champion, during the inaugural year, Lanny Leach, is rightly returning as a judge for the 2014 competition.   

While establishing his reputation as an excellent trainer and clinician throughout Arizona, Nebraska and Texas, Lanny’s regiment includes starting a young horse, building a calm willing foundation for outside riding, and developing maneuvers with a soft, confident feel. On another level, he helps well adjusted horses overcome their fears of scary objects or situations they may have never encountered in the arena or on the trail. No matter the issue, he will turn a negative into a positive training experience. 

Lanny's new location is at the beautiful Triangle T Historic Guest Ranch in the Dragoon Mountains east of Tucson where he conducts lessons, clinics and training. 

He also travels to ranches, boarding stables or personal horse property for lessons and training. 

Contact Info:  520.591.2494, kjleach2004@yahoo.com  Lannyleachhorsemanship.com  and AzRetreatCenter.com

Brian Bausch, 5 Time World Champion,
2013 & 2014 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Judge
Clinic Topic:  “Beyond Riding”

Brian Bausch takes his equine companions worldwide with the incomparable techniques he creates in “Beyond Riding”.  His unique training methods serve to challenge both rider and horse, building character and adding new life and exuberance, focusing on everything except merely sitting in the saddle.  His exclusive insight allows Brian to take any horse and develop its athletic ability to go beyond the abilities of the average rider. 

In 2005, Brian married Paula, and the two are happily partnered in all their different aspects of the horse industry.  They share their love of horses so evident in "Beyond Riding", informing and entertaining through appearances in horse expos, training videos, and horse magazine features.  Witnessing the two young horses they personally trained fly off to perform with the international production Cavalia in 2006 added great excitement and accomplishment.  The couple have shared multiple World and National Champion success, and also had the opportunity to train Arabian stallions in the Middle East. 

Brian was the first horse act to appear on America’s Got Talent and in 2012 became Reserve Champion (Project) Cowboy in Pomona, California. The Guest Celebrity Judge, and entertainer, appearing at AQYHA 2013 World Show in Oklahoma City, Brian has years invested in the youth.   He shares his history of bronc riding, tie-down and team roping, coaching rodeo teams in Michigan, to presently serving with his wife as Equestrian Director at Orme School of Arizona.

Brian’s energy, athleticism, along with his keen sensitivity to the horse, continues to thrill and excite audiences in every arena. 

Contact Info:  602.427.8356 www.Brianbausch.com   brian@brianbausch.com 

Clay Harper, Clay Harper Horsemanship, 2014 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Judge
Clinic Topic:  Ask the Expert – Q&A Session for Horse Problems

Clay has worked and played with horses for over 50 years and is the founder of the American Horse Trainers Group.  He has worked with, and learned from, most of today's great horse trainers and graduated from the John & Josh Lyons Certification Program in 2001.  He specializes in fixing problem horses of all breeds and disciplines.  Clay has toured around the world helping people to be better with their horses, while helping horses to be better with their people. 

Clay conducts clinics, fixes problem horses, speaks and demonstrates at equine expos. He has written monthly featured articles for numerous horse magazines and he has been featured in and referred to in several horse-related books.  Harper has had two successful radio shows (go to Podcasts to listen to some of his shows).   

Clay and his wife Jacquie are the creators of the Southern Arizona Horse Expo which is held every year in Tucson, Arizona.  Currently a spokesperson for Nutrena, Circle Y Saddles and Source, Clay is also sponsored by many of the horse industries best companies.

Clay's motto is "Hold Your Heart in Your Hand".  This is very apparent to anyone who has watched him work with horses.  "I truly believe God has put me on this earth to help horses". 

Contact Info:  www.clayharperhorsemanship.com   clay@clayharperhorsemanship.com

Staffan Nielsen, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic: Cowboy Dressage
Trainer Staffan Nielsen is originally from Sweden and has been living in the U.S. for only 3 1/2 years. Since the age of 7, he has been riding horses starting out with dressage and show jumping horses. After a tour of California, he had the opportunity to ride with some of the greatest horsemen alive; buckaroos and reined cow horse trainers. He has been training horses professionally for 25 years and proudly holds a NRCHA judging card. Staffan has successfully shown reined cowhorse, reining, and cutting. He is also coaching non pro-riders in reining cowhorse. He resides in Tucson with his wife and she is a certified dressage instructor. Together they help horses and people compete all over the world, and give clinics.
Contact Info: 520.289.7103 www.nielsen-horsetraining.com nielsentrainingstable@hotmail.se

Jody Swink, Jody Swink’s “No Sweat” Natural Horsemanship
Clinic Topic:  Introducing Your Horse to Obstacles

K.I.S.S… Keep It Slow and Simple.  This has always been Jody’s philosophy in training and fostering strong, connected relationships with our horse partners.  Although there is no one training method that works for all horses, he has found that moving slowly and offering simple, yet concise communication guarantees success, time and time again.  Jody trains horses at his facility as well as traveling the state of Arizona to assist others in training their horses.   

Jody, however, has become more than just an effective horse trainer; he is the creator and founder of the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge, now in its second year.  Jody is one of the most innovative promoters in the Arizona horse event arenas today.  From the conception of the AZ Horseman’s Challenge, to its evolving into an actual barn-buster event, this exciting competition is rapidly becoming a hit for equestrian audiences throughout Arizona.  The event he created has also served to promote good horse trainers from the different regions of the state, while advocating good horsemanship, and offering the public the opportunity to enjoy everything equestrian in one location.  True to his innovative strategy, this year he has added two additional elements to the AZ Horseman’s Challenge.  After the event, the colts will be leaving with their respective trainers for 30 days. Jody is also proud to announce a youth mentoring program, giving two Arizona youths the opportunity to train their colt for 30 days.  The trainers and the youths will then showcase their colt at Orme School to allow the public a chance to bid on their favorite colt.   

Contact Info:  602-330-4917 jswinknosweat@q.com or www.jodyswink.com

Ty Jones, Horse Trainer & 2013 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Contender
Clinic Topics: “What is Foundation” & “Refining Body Control”
Ty spent a lifetime molding together an understanding of horsemanship. For the love of horses, and despite a long list of failures, he kept the learning desire alive. His idea was to watch others, pick their brains, and apply what he saw, “At first, I thought the others didn’t want to lend a hand, and then I realized that they didn’t know anything about horses. That’s when I took the horse journey.”

The journey followed years of attending various professional clinics, private lessons, and what he calls, “distant learning.” Today, most of what Ty applies towards horsemanship involves a straightforward, common sense approach that allows a connection which opens a path to partnership. Knowledge, patience, persistence, and the willingness to learn are what he finds effective. "Horses have different personalities and we have to be willing to adjust our methods to connect with them.”

In addition to conducting clinics and demonstrations, Ty starts colts, works with troubled horses, and helps youth horsemanship programs. Ty’s horsemanship philosophy involves a combination of principles, values, and knowledge, along with the respect for horses to develop a partnership.

Ty is a native descendent of the Dine/Paiute tribe and grew up in various homes in central California and Utah. He now resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Contact Info: ty.jones@nau.edu http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~tj4/
Phone 928/310-6432

Jay Begaye, Award Winning Recording Artist, Sketch Artist, JJB Horsemanship/Quarter Horses and Entertainment
Clinic Title: Navajo Traditional Horse Training through Singing
Jay Begaye is a proud Navajo man of many talents. In 1990 he released his first recording of Pow Wow music as lead singer and founder of the renowned Pow Wow Group Cathedral Lakes Singers. It was titled “Pow Wow Wow Songs”, and went on to become one of the most popular recordings on the Pow Wow circuit throughout America and Canada. However, this milestone wasn’t enough for the gifted drummer, writer and singer and several other major releases followed on the SOAR, CANYON and COOL RUNNINGS record labels. Many coveted music awards have been bestowed upon Jay along the way, including a GRAMMY nomination for his part on a compilation Pow Wow recording. Countless others have recognized him as a true innovator of traditional music sung in his own Navajo language. Jay Begaye’s goal has always been to teach and inspire young people to never be ashamed of whom they are, and to never lose sight of their culture. Jay and his daughter Tiinesha, after much encouragement from her father, won Best Male and Best Female Artists from the Native American Music Awards. But with all of the musical accolades this talented man has received through the years, he is more than just “music”. He has been an art teacher on the Navajo reservation, a horseman, etc, and is respected and held in high esteem among his people. Jay has been blessed with beautiful wife, Loretta, and two handsome young boys, Sonsilla and Jayven who he has been grooming as singers and dancers from a very early age with a vision to be part of the new JAY BEGAYE FAMILY SHOW. The family does it all: singing, hoop dancing, traditional dances, drumming and much more. The second generation of talent is about to make their mark as Father Jay readies his plans for a special kids recording about horses to introduce his talented boy to all of Native America.

Contact info: jaybegaye@yahoo.com
Phone 505.077.4598

Jeremy Cluff – Arizona Horseman’s Challenge 2013-2014
Clinic Topics: “Bridleless Riding” & “Training a Friesian Stallion”
“Horse Tamer” Jeremy Cluff grew up in Central Arizona and learned at a young age the value of a good horse. He has spent his life studying what makes horses tick and learning as much as he can from each of them. Jeremy treats his horses in the same manner as his family has for generations: with a soft hand and a big heart. Early days competing as a professional bareback bronc rider have lent to his ability to ride colts and work with problem horses. The unprecedented hands-on education that he received along the way is clearly demonstrated in his horses as well as his horsemanship skills.
As a trainer and clinician Jeremy spends his days helping people to better understand why their horse does what it does, and teaching them to work together to make the ride more enjoyable. His evenings are spent playing with his kids and unwinding with lovely wife Kristy.
Jeremy had the great opportunity to spend most of fall on set as horse wrangler and technical consultant for the film "A Horse for Summer", due for release in the summer of 2014.

Contact Info: 602.770.2814 horse.tamer@ymail.com
FB Page: Horse Tamer.Jeremy Cluff

Jennifer Nicolella, Bay Blue Farm, Communication-Connection-Partnership
Clinic Topic: Buying and Selling Horses with Success
Jennifer Nicolella, owner of Bay Blue Farm, has been in the Verde Valley for 20 years. She is a certified ARIA instructor, trainer, veterinary technician, equine massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Through her lesson and training programs, students gain a solid foundation in horsemanship and riding.

Jennifer’s techniques are helpful to mentally, physically and emotionally evaluate your horse, so they can be the best they can be. The evaluation of your horse will inevitably assist you in seeing if your horse is at their peak performance and if they are in the best discipline for them and you.

Jennifer proves that through communication you can connect with the horse to create a true partnership.

Bay Blue Farm offers lessons, training, sales, clinics and workshops, and all services are available online as well as in-person. Be sure to check out her VIRTUAL programs today.

Contact Info: baybluefarm.com Barn 928-634-0673 Cell 928-301-1345

Marshall Baird, Horseman
Clinic Topic:  A Head Start to a Solid Foundation

Born and raised in Southern California, Marshall and wife Melissa moved to Prescott Valley where they operate a 15 acre reining horse ranch, equipped with a large-sized show arena.  Marshall is an NRHA non pro rider, having competed in most major reining events.  He’s had the opportunity to train under some of the reining industries leading trainers such as Shawn Flarida, Todd Bergen, Ted Robinson and Matt Mills.  A former NRHA Board member and two time past president of the Arizona Reining Horse Association, Marshall’s philosophy is, “in the sport of reining, consistent work is the key to success.  Ride smarter, not harder”.    

Contact Info: 928.925.9608  

C.L.”Lee” Anderson, Living Historian
Clinic Topic: “Developing the Art of Equine Communication”
C.L.”Lee” Anderson, who bills himself as a “horseman of the old school”, and his horse, Concho, are well-known Arizona figures, having appeared in numerous parades, on television, and civic events throughout the state. Anderson also does “living history” seminars as well as horsemanship and equine training clinics. Lee will also be offering and signing his award winning book titled: Developing the Art of Equine Communication
Contact  info:  http://www.cowboyhistory.wordpress.com/   


Holly Shanahan, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topics: “Follow Up on Foal Preparation Results” & “Preventing Arena Sour”

Holly Shanahan is of fifth generation from the Verde Valley.   She rode in her first parade at the age of 2 and has been deeply involved in the horse world since.  Holly’s passion is rehabilitating abused horses as well as tuning up horses, helping owners find suitable homes for their horses and helping people find horses that match their riding style.  She is a strong believer in building a good relationship with the horse on the ground first, and incorporates natural horsemanship skills into her training as well as exposing horses to every environment possible.  She is a strong believer in that, “if you don’t trust your horse they will not trust you”.             

Contact Info: 928.300.4132 or mailto:Hollyshanahan@live.com    

Kelsey Stringer, Trainer
Hunter/Jumper Clinic
Kelsey Stringer is a hunter/jumper enthusiast, trainer, and coach who grew up riding in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She found success riding hunters, jumpers, and equitation horses on the “A” circuit throughout the Midwest as a junior rider, and enjoyed supplementing her competitive career with off-track thoroughbreds, dressage horses, and eventers on the side. Kelsey moved on to teaching and training professionally, and is thankful every day for the opportunity to do what she loves. She has been in Arizona for a little over three years, and enjoys participating in the equestrian lifestyle on all levels – as a trainer, teacher, competitor, salesperson, and breeder. Kelsey enjoys working with a variety of horses and clients, from breeds who find unexpected success in jumping to clients who have never been in an English saddle.

Contact Info: Free Rein Sporthorses: www.freereinsporthorses.com 928.710.6875

Melissa Ambrose, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Co-Founder Atlasta Home Horse Rescue, American Ranch Equestrian Center Manager
Clinic Topic: “Rehabilitation of Behavioral Issues”
Melissa Ambrose is a Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Co-Founder of Atlasta Home Horse Rescue. She has been training, studying and competing on horses her whole life. "Horses are my passion, I couldn't live without them!" Melissa was a Reis Ranch Instructor for world renowned clinician Denis Reis. In Melissa’s new position as Equestrian Center Manager for American Ranch, she is eager to apply her extensive equestrian skills. She has a great understanding of horse psychology, communication, breeds and characteristics, which makes her an asset to the horse community.

Contact Info: melissa.americanranch@yahoo.com

Brian Culver, Culver Mobile Horse Trailer Service
Clinic Title: Is Your Trailer Safe?
Brian, owner of Culver Mobile Horse Trailer Service, resides in Desert Hills, North Phoenix, relocating from the east five years ago. Brian has 30 years experience in the heavy haul trucking field and combining his experience, along with his love for horses, he has created ideal solutions perfectly fit for the horse trailer repair business. Brian hopes that you will take away the invaluable safety tips featured in his presentation and apply them to your own horse trailer travels. He is confident that these measures will make an important difference in the safety of your trailer and your horse. We hope you’ll make an effort to join us for this imperative safety clinic.

Contact Info: 602.540.3044.

Dr. Rich Fisher, D.V.M.
Clinic Topic: Equine Dentistry
Rich Fisher, D.V.M., grew up in Montana. Thirty years ago he was floating teeth without sedation, using hand tools. Horse’s teeth have always fascinated him. In 1985, Rich graduated from CSU Veterinary School and worked as a small animal veterinarian in Arizona and Montana.

Four years ago Dr. Fisher began studying the advances in knowledge and equipment which have allowed more effective care of the horse’s mouth. He continually learns from the horses he treats, from dental technicians and veterinarians, from members of the International Association of Equine Dentistry (IAED), and from conferences, workshops and books. He enjoys gaining and sharing knowledge which in turn benefits the horse.

Dr. Fisher’s mobile dental equine practice currently services New River, Arizona as well as areas of Montana.

Contact Info: Fisher Equine Dentistry, 928-710-8811 - New River, Az. 85087

Ashley Emig, CHA Certified Instructor, Dressage Trainer
Clinic Topic: “Lunging the Rider for an Effective Seat”
Born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania ( horse country!), Ashley was bitten by the horse bug at a very young age. She started out as a hunter/ jumper but has now dedicated her life to learning the art of dressage. As a child/ teen, Ashley trained under many of the top hunter/jumper barns in her area. She was also fortunate enough to get a working student position at a dressage barn in New York. Here she learned the basics of dressage under a very accomplished trainer. In 2012, Ashley moved to Arizona to work with another accomplished dressage trainer and continues to do so today. Ashley has taught people of all ages in hunters, jumpers, dressage, and therapeutic riding (PATH model). She specializes in training the riders position to maximize the effectiveness of their riding.

Contact Info: aemig@manor.edu

Thomas Clover, Horse Trainer/Arizona Horseman’s Challenge 2014 Contender
Clinic Topic: Collection
Thomas Clover was born and raised in the mountains of Wyoming. His family has been involved in the outfitting business in and around Jackson Hole for more than three generations. “Being in a packing family is much more than going on trail rides”, claims Thomas. This is where he first started getting on green and unbroken horses. “Taking care of a large herd of horses that spends most of its time wandering around open country will quickly teach a person how to work with their stock to accomplish their tasks.” It was this early backcountry horsemanship experience that truly instilled Thomas’s love of horses.
After graduating from college with a degree in wildlife ecology, Thomas pursued training colts and found himself drifting to Tucson to find work for the winter riding. He resides in southern Arizona where he’s been working for himself as well as for the Bandalero Ranch, a breeding/training facility that specializes in reined cow horses.
Thomas’s horsemanship centers itself around the understanding of communication between the human and the horse. If a horse understands what the person wants, most often he will do exactly what we want. On the other hand, if we understand how our actions and energy are perceived by the horse, we will be able to understand how the horse will respond to our work with them. These principles are necessary whether we are starting performance horses or pleasure horses; Quarter Horses or Clydesdales; western or English disciplines. With this foundation, a horse has the potential to go any direction because the basis for understanding is clear. Contact Info: 307.231.0126

William Riley, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic: Round Pen Ground Manners
William was raised in Oklahoma and Texas and worked as a professional jockey for 28 years. He has been training horses and mules since the age of 13. Now his version of retirement has been to continue using his keen equestrian skills as a horse and mule trainer, work he has been maintaining for the last three decades. Riley has specialized in a variety of training areas from cutting, reining, western pleasure, English, dressage, trail riding with pack mules and more. His method focuses on natural horsemanship techniques, teaching horse as well as rider to continually improve.

Contact Info: 480-220-3367 rileysranch5d@yahoo.com

Dave Rowland- Rio Verde Saddlery
Clinic Topic: (1) Identifying Saddle Styles & Their Parts
(2) Setting Rigging & Stirrup for Better Use (3) Fitting Saddles for Proper Balance
 Dave is the owner of Rio Verde Saddlery in Camp Verde. Renowned for his beautiful and solid custom leather craftsmanship, Dave creates quality leather goods, tack and saddles. Dave is also an expert in his field for meticulously fitting saddles to the horse.

Contact Info: 928-567-0427

Adam Trenk, Attorney at Law at Rose Law Group, pc
Clinic Topic: Liability in the Equine Industry
Adam Trenk practices in the areas of land use, zoning, public policy, lobbying, community relations, litigation and business law. He is a great asset to RLG clients as he advises and assists based on his wide ranging experiences such as a being the current elected Vice Mayor of the Town of Cave Creek and a former elected Councilman, a western horsemanship enthusiast, a real estate property asset manager, and small business owner.

Mr. Trenk attended ASU where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the W.P. Carey School of Business.
He went on to earn a Master of Real Estate Development degree from Arizona State University and then his Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

Adam has been a board member for the Cave Creek Merchant’s Chamber of Commerce and sat on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the Town Council prior to making a run for a Council seat himself. Adam was elected to hold a seat on the Cave Creek Council in 2009.

Mr. Trenk is a western horsemanship enthusiast and has been riding horses across the country since he was a child. Throughout high school and college he spent several summers as an apprentice horse trainer on a Montana ranch. Today he lives in Cave Creek on his own small horse ranch. Contact Info: 480.240.5647 atrenk@roselawgroup.com

Sherry Kent-DeVillier, Horse/People Trainer
Clinic Topic: Building Confidence in Young Riders
Sherry Kent-DeVillier has trained many gymkhana riders and horses, judged horse shows, hunted with hounds and ridden hunters, trained Arabians, shown western pleasure horses, done dressage, and has been a part of Quarter horse and Paint breeding programs. She is running barrels on a fifth generation Quarter horse that she raised and trained. Sherry has helped innumerable beginning students develop basic horsemanship skills, establish riding confidence.

Contact Info: 928.713.1024 or sherkowkids@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/sherry.kentdevillier

Roy Gustavson
Clinc Topic: Connections Equine Therapy Program
Connections Equine Therapy Program is a nonprofit program that provides equine assisted therapy to individuals with emotional, mental, physical and learning challenges. They offer education programs for people working in the field of equine assisted therapy as well as research to mediate and improve equine assisted therapy.
Connections Equine Therapy Program, through its partnership with horses, assists at-risk and disabled children, teens and adults cope with challenges and grow stronger physically and emotionally. Many volunteers have undergone these same changes by working with their clients and horses.
Contact Info: 928.639.0791 www.connectionsaz.com

FB: Connections Equine Therapy

Ned Leigh, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic: Foot Management on the Lunge Line
Ned and his wife Rita moved to the Prescott area in 1977. Drawing on memories of his youth and his father’s gentle way with horses, he started a newly purchased colt with longe lines and slowly progressed to saddling. He observed methods of using the nature of the horse to accomplish in a short time what had been taking him a month or two. This pinnacle moment sparked a desire to learn all he could about the nature of a horse and the way a horse learns. Ned’s business focuses on Colt Starting, Behavior Modification, Horsemanship Education through private classes, clinics and seminars and Horse Transportation with specialized handling.

Contact Info: www.nedleighequinefocus.com

Sara Boland, Arizona Horseman’s Challenge 2014
Clinic Topic: Personality and “Horse”onality
Sara Boland is a 5th generation Verde Valley Arizonan. She grew up riding horses with her grandpa, riding on the ranch and going on pack trips and other adventures. Sara harbored an interest in training horses early on and at age 12, started her first colt under the supervision of her grandpa and inspiration, Don Godard. The mare’s name was Chili, and Godard still rides the mare to this day. In high school, Sara had the opportunity to work for local trainers Trish and Rygh Westby while continuing to ride with her grandpa and show in local 4-H events. “The Westby’s are excellent horse people and opened my eyes to different techniques”, remarks Boland.
Sara attended the University of Arizona where she started colts, tutored students with learning disabilities, and worked in a meat processing plant in order to earn a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. She works as a School Counselor at Camp Verde Elementary School and starts colts as a side job. Sara’s philosophy when working with horses is to: 1) seek help from experts (there are a lot of good horse men and women here in the Verde Valley) 2) never stop learning and trying new things 3) keep your ego out of it (which is easier said than done).
Sara currently resides in Cottonwood with husband Martin and son Colton. She is inspired by many local trainers, including sister Holly Shanahan. Boland’s pipe dream? “ …to start colts and train and show horses In Ranch Versatility.”
Contact Info: 520.730.6246 p_sara_77@hotmail.com

Matthew Smiley – Horse Trainer /Arizona Horseman’s Challenge 2014 Contender
Clinic Topic: Whispering Beat Horsemanship
Originally from Manuelito, New Mexico, Matthew Smiley has been training horses for half a decade. Inspired to become a rancher and cowboy at 12, Matthew spent summers with horses and even after receiving his share of bad experiences, his persistence for working with horses was never suppressed. After starting his first two horses, he became hungry for more advanced horsemanship skills. Smiley spent time refining cues and doing research on different philosophies, methods, principles and buying better equipment. He made his way to a horsemanship seminar hosted by the Padres Mesa Ranch and received an invitation to come to the ranch. He’s been a returning volunteer for 3 years now and every year has seen great improvement. Matthew has had the opportunity to demonstrate his horse training talents throughout Arizona and New Mexico. In his first competition ever, he placed 3rd in the Cowboy Ranch Horse Competition in Tsaile, Arizona. The following year, he placed 2nd.
Smiley recently performed a demonstration in Naschitti, New Mexico for an Equine Assist Learning Program, an outreach to youth that are on drugs, including homeless and dropouts. He was intrigued with this noble outreach for the community. According to Matthew, “Doing this great contribution for communities throughout the reservations is one thing. Making a serious outreach with horses is awesome. It simply draws people together”.
Contact Info: 505.870.7221

Skeeter Hughes, Stitching Post Leather
Clinic Topic: Horse and Saddle Safety
When it comes to saddle making, Skeeter Hughes has mastered the art of craftsmanship. Born a third generation rancher, he grew up on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. His adult life was spent managing ranches throughout Arizona. When Skeeter retired, he was able to turn a “Cowboy’s Survival Skill” into a fulltime business. He attended a 6-week saddle making school in Lamar, CO, and studied under world-class saddle maker Jessie Smith, where he learned the art of saddle making and improved his tooling skills. Skeeter’s advantage in saddle making comes from the many miles he rode as a working cowboy. And today, most of his clients are indeed working cowboys.

Contact Info: 928.713.4003

Linda Clark, RN, CNHP, Professional Bowen Practitioner
Bowenwork Naturally   
Clinic Topic:  A Holistic Approach to Balance & Harmony

Linda has advanced training in Animal Bowen and has accumulated over 150 course hours in Equine Body Work.  She has seen firsthand the incredible benefits of Bowen for people and horses. The Bowen Technique uses a series of gentle, yet powerful moves, which accelerate healing by balancing and stimulating energy flow and circulation.  Bowen is beneficial in alleviating both acute and chronic pain and stress patterns by reducing chronic muscle tension, improving circulation, soothing joints, increasing flexibility, and relaxing the entire body, bringing it back into balance.  Linda is a Professional Bowen Practitioner with an office in Prescott.

Contact Info:  928.713.6406   www.bowenworknaturally.com

Nancy Windheart, Animal Communicator/Reiki Master-Teacher
Clinic Topic: Basics of Animal Communication
Nancy Windheart is an internationally respected Animal Communicator, Animal Communication teacher, and Reiki Master-Teacher. She provides animal communication consultations for clients worldwide, teaches animal communication and other related classes, and offers mentoring and practitioner support for animal communicators and holistic professionals. Nancy’s work has been featured in both local and national media. She lives in Cornville, Arizona, with her animal family of dogs, cats and chickens.
Contact Info: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Animal.Communication.Reiki

Timothy Delaney, DVM - Central Arizona Equine Veterinary Clinic
Clinic Topic: Vaccine Protocols & Ask the Expert Q&A for any Equine Vet Problem
Tim Delaney, D.V.M. and Jim Bleak, D.V.M. are equine veterinarians that base their practice in the Verde Valley. Highly respected and considered invaluable by their loyal clients, they have office appointments, make farm calls and handle emergency after-hours calls all over the Verde Valley, Dewey and Prescott Valley.

Contact Info: 928-567-3896

Ruth Jacobi, Owner Horseinsure.com - Bloodstock and Specialty Insurance
Clinic Title: Kill the Worms not the Horse-New Deworming Protocols
Ruth Jacobi grew up riding jumpers in the NE Circuit, then moved to Arizona and discovered the joys of trail riding. She has served as Chair of the Arizona Horse Council and in that position has testified both in front of the Arizona Senate and travelled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the effort to get liability relief legislation passed in Arizona. She has owned her own specialty insurance brokerage for over 30 years and insures horses in the U.S. and Europe, as well as a few other approved countries. Ruth says,”As a brokerage, my first responsibility is to the customer, and my second responsibility is to the client. We take care of our clients as though their horses were our own.” Over the past 10 years, Ruth has noticed that even good, smart horse owners who pay attention and try to do the best by their horses are having losses due to worms and those losses don’t have to happen. She contends that people just don’t have the most current information on which de-wormers to use and when, as it has ALL changed over the past 20 years, and most dramatically over the past 10 years.

Contact info: www.horseinsure.com ruth@horseinsure.com 1-800-355-4868

Jacqueline Kruglick
Clinic Topic: Proper Body Positioning/Basics of Riding
Jacqueline’s equestrian expertise was acquired after years of serious training. She rode for Arizona State University, trained in Ireland, England and Germany competing in Show Jumping. After becoming British Qualified, she returned to the U.S. and rode with Olympic coaches and riders. Jacqueline has competed successfully in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping and Competitive Trail Riding. She has trained and showed all horse breeds in all disciplines, including Western Pleasure and Side Saddle. As a Quarter Horse World Qualifier, Jacqueline enjoyed two years as State Champion. Her favorite winning Buckle, however, was acquired in the celebrated 100-mile Tevis Cup in one day. She started the first Saddle and Rodeo Club at Scottsdale Community College and has taught and trained in Scottsdale and Cave Creek for years under Twin Acres School of Riding. Jacqueline now resides full time at her ranch in Cornville where she teaches private and group lessons.
Contact information: 480-250-9700, 450 S. Merritt Ranch Rd. Cornville, AZ 86325.
For pictures, go to www.twinacresriding.com

Christy Garavetto,
Clinic Topic: What is so Different About Interactive Equine Body Work?
While working as a massage therapist with people, Christy discovered amazing results by combining both massage with needle less acupuncture with an Electro therapeutic point stimulation. She started her business with horses three years ago in Prescott. “I couldn't help but want to find a way to alleviate the tension in a horse of a new friend of mine”. Needless to say, he did very well with the therapy and helped her realize her calling. This therapy is about the horse and what they need.

Contact Info: 928.308.2829 InteractiveEquineBodyWork on Facebook cgaravetto@gmail.com

Cambree Swink, Arizona Horseman’s Challenge-Youth Mentorship 2014
Cambree lives in Black Canyon City, AZ. At age 14, she attends Canon Elementary School and thoroughly enjoys basketball, volleyball and tackle football (yes, you read right—TACKLE FOOTBALL). Ms. Swink has played all three sports competitively, but her true love is horses. “My passion for horses began when I was 5 and purchased my first horse”, says Cambree. “My mother and father have always been my biggest fans and have always cheered me on and pushed me to be the best that I can.” Her father, Jody Swink, is not only her mentor, but also her hero. “He pushes me out of my comfort zone and has taught me everything I know about horses.” In addition to her dad, friends Brian and Paula Bausch have also been influential in her life, not only teaching about horsemanship, but also about being true to oneself.

Swink’s future goals include graduating 8th grade in June, graduating from Mayer High School, and then attending NAU and eventually attaining a Veterinarian degree. She has hopes to serve her country by going into the Army as an officer and finishing with the Vet Corps.

Cambree is extremely pleased to be a part of the annual AZ Horseman’s Challenge Youth Mentorship. On March 22nd, at Orme School, she will be presenting her first clinic. She will also be taking a colt home from the April event, in which she will train for 30 days, and it will become available for auction at Orme School on May 10th. “I am looking forward to this opportunity as I am sure it will be one more vital stepping stone to my future.”

Contact Info: 602.330.4917

Brittney Busich, Arizona Horseman’s Challenge-Youth Mentorship 2014
Thirteen-year-old Brittney Busich has loved horses since she was 2. She grew up in Glendale; however her family started farming in Cottonwood in 2012, which is where she met trainer Sara Boland. Young Brittney had a few horse lessons at age 9, but never had a horse of her own. Brittney learned a lot from constantly reading books, but she was never able to apply that knowledge to a real horse until finally Sara gave her that opportunity. Sara started taking Brittney to her grandpa’s house and taught Brittney how to ride and train horses.
Only in Cottonwood on weekends, Brittney would be picked up by Sara on those occasions for some horse play at her grandpa’s house. In September of 2012, Sara made one of Brittney’s dreams come true and gave her Jesse, a 4 year old mare. Brittney began working with Jesse and they became best friends. Brittney and her family moved to Cottonwood in May 2013. Since the move, Brittney is with her horse daily and continues to learn more about training, riding, and caring for horses.

Ms. Boland adds, “I appreciate Brittney’s dedication. She is a good student in that she works hard, listens, and is not afraid to make a mistake. She is a really neat kid”.

Contact Info: (Mom, Sarah Busich) 602.919.4121

Gunner Tillemans, Arizona Horseman’s Challenge-Youth Mentorship 2014
Born in 2000, Gunner Hayden Tillemans is the youngest of three boys. His mother, Vickie Tillemans, raised him in Wichita, Kansas until he was four and a half, then they relocated to the Verde Valley area.

Gunner has attended the Cottonwood School where he flourished academically and excelled in athletics. In fifth grade, Gunner delivered an impassioned speech to his classmates which resulted in his being elected class president. He composed and delivered the year-ending graduation speech, was a member of the leadership group, and photographic contributor to the yearbook. Gunner was a member of the school’s running club, and started swimming for the Cottonwood Clippers. He still competes in swimming and holds numerous records to date. He competed full-time in the athletic discipline of Tae Kwon Do at Tae Kwon Do Unlimited of Cottonwood, Arizona, and rose to the rank of a second degree brown belt. In 2009, Gunner demonstrated his mastery of this level by becoming the Arizona State Champion of Weapons.

In 2012, Gunner led the Pledge of Allegiance at the Cottonwood City Council Meeting and was presented a certificate of appreciation by Mayor Diane Joens.

During 2013, Gunner home-schooled himself where he not only kept pace with his academics but learned self-discipline, motivation, and learned to resolve all computer issues either on his own or through the help desk.

Gunner currently attends The Orme School where he has met the academic and cultural challenges of private school. In addition, he participates in Ranching where he learned to buck bales of hay, feed cattle, mend fences, and repair irrigation systems. He also learned the all-important task of mending fences and setting dry fence posts.

Gunner participates in the Orme Horsemanship program and the publication Western Shooting Horse Magazine published an article quoting him in their February-March 2014 issue.

Other interests include fossil collecting, hiking, fishing, and Gunner is a member of the local astronomy club. His lifetime aspirations include careers in science and engineering.

Contact Info: 928.202.2210 or blinkphotosaz@yahoo.com

Charlie Hill, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic: The Way Charlie Hill Sees True Softness
Charlie has lived in Queen Creek since 2001, with wife, Debbie, of 46 years. Son, Shane, and his 3 children, Shaley, Katie, and Cord live in San Tan Valley. Daughter Tresha Robinson and her three children Ty, Truitt, and Tanner also live in San Tan Valley, AZ.

"Let my experience enhance your experience". Charlie’s study has been long and hard and truthfully not very suited for many. His hope is that he might use his experience to shorten your learning curve. One thing Ray Hunt would say, “I can’t teach experience, you have to earn it”. Ray told that our perspective was often different because many of the horses he and Charlie experienced early on were not as refined in their breeding and more calloused from there handling when many of the horses of those clinicians and demonstrators, that merged later, had to encounter. At the Ray Hunt Memorial Clinic, Charlie was honored to be voted as the person that most represented the ideals that Ray tried to teach. He was awarded Ray’s personal Dale Harwood saddle. “I have worked with and for many of the nation’s top breeders and trainers, as they refined their programs”, states Charlie. His insight has been sought by many rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, who have competed and won at the NFR, cutting horse trainers that are in the Hall of Fame, reining horse trainers that have won World and National events, dressage trainers that trained and competed at the Grand Prix level, and many others. Charlie hopes to truly let his experience enhance your experience. If you want to know more about my Charlie’s experience, check it out at his web site. Contact Info: www.chillmethod.com

Travis Lyons, 2013 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Competitor
2014 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Judge
Clinic Topic: Developing a Good Stop
Travis Lyons, 27, grew up in the Verde Valley and currently lives in Cornville with his wife and two sons.

A man of many talents, Travis grew up playing sports, active in the Mingus Union FFA program, and competing in rough stock and roping events in the Arizona junior and high school rodeos. After graduating high school, Travis pursed further education at the American School of Equine Dentistry. Travis has spent countless hours training and learning from his mentors, developing his own method and strategies for breaking colts and working with problem horses. Travis never passes up the opportunity to be in the saddle, whether working on one of many ranches, competing in roping and rodeo events, packing horses in the mountains, or simply going on a family trail ride. Currently Travis works full time as a horse farrier, Equine Dental Technician, training and breaking horses in various disciplines, as well as giving horsemanship lessons. Travis represented the Verde Valley in the 2013 Arizona Horseman's Challenge and received Reserve Champion, second only to the prestigious Lanny Leach. He is excited about the success and growth of the Verde Valley Equine Festival and looking forward to being a part of this year’s event, and future ones to come. Contact Info: 928.300.6651

Northern Arizona Chapter of the Arizona Dressage Association
Clinicians: Sue Crampton & Michele Renner
Clinic Title: Dressage is for Every Horse and Rider
NAC of ADA was started in 1998 by a group of dressage enthusiasts in the Prescott/Chino Valley area. They are part of the Arizona Dressage Association which was started in 1975 and which in turn is part of the United States Dressage Federation which was started in 1973.
NAC's continuing goal is to encourage and develop a growing interest and participation in the discipline of dressage through activities and educational opportunities.

NAC sponsors 3 "schooling" shows every year. This year the shows are being held at American Ranch on Williamson Valley Road in Prescott with the addition of Western Dressage Classes.

Clinician Michele Renner

Michele N. Renner, a professional with over thirty years experience in the training of sport horses and riders based on the theory of the classical masters.

Michele has competed in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage with much success. For the last thirty five years Michele has learned from and worked for many great horse trainers, many of which have represented their country in Dressage, Eventing and Jumpers: Pammy Hutton, Molly Sivewright, Ferdi Elberg, John and Michael Whitaker, Sheila Wilcox, Reiner Klimke, Herbert Rehbein, the late Kay Smarslik, and many more. She started competing at the FEI level at age sixteen and has trained seven horses to the Grand Prix level in Dressage, and brought many horses to the start of their International careers in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping. Michele has won many awards in competition both here in the USA and abroad. She is a Certified BHSII Instructor Trainer, Graduate of the USDF “L” program for Judges, and a USDF Medalist. Michele also has held the honor of Head Trainer and Manager for a member of The Royal Family in England.

Contact Info: www.nacofada.com

Kijla Hardesty, Professional Horsewoman
Clinic Topic: Ranch Roping
Kijla has been making a living on horseback for the last 15 years. She has spent time working at ranches, starting colts, and running a pack string in the wilderness. She proclaims, “I truly enjoy riding a horse with a job to do, and believe that horses can teach us something about ourselves. We just have to be willing to learn”. Contact Info: 719-349-0165

Hot Rods Rodeo Drill Team
Clinic Topic: What it Takes to do Drill
The fabulous Hot Rods Rodeo Drill Team calls Benson, Arizona home and can be seen practicing at Mike Robertson’s arena and horse sales facility, their biggest fan and major sponsor. An all girl team, The Hot Rods showcase all horse breeds and colors. With nine full time members and a handful of support staff, you’ll find them performing precision drill patterns to up-beat music at rodeos all over the state. The team also lends their great talent to groups such as cowboy church and county fairs. Aside from performing, the team is featured presenting sponsor flags and riding in parades, while holding fundraisers every month. They are also known to donate to local charities. Hot Rods Rodeo Drill Team is very excited to be a part of the 2014 Verde Valley Equine Festival, and to not only show off their talents, but provide an inside look into rodeo drill.
Contact Info: Natasha Zunck, 520.360.1276 or Noelle Andersen, 520.240.5395

Diana Troyk, Mounted Archery of the Americas
Clinic Topic: Mounted Archery
Diana has been riding horses all of her life. She started mounted archery about 14 years ago and fell in love with the sport. After years of training, she set up her own mounted archery clinic in Scottsdale. At the World in Korea 2010, Diana won a bronze medal and warrior award, and placed 3rd at the US Internationals. She won gold and another warrior award at the 2011 World in Korea, then traveled to Poland to compete in the European Internationals. Japan and Mongolia were also competition destinations for Diane, who managed to capture medals at our own Texas Nationals.

Contact Info: www.sw-mountedarchery.com

Scott Poppenberger, ACMSA Member
Clinic Topic: Mounted Shooting
Faster than a speeding bullet, the popularity of the equestrian sport Cowboy Mounted Shooting is growing like gangbusters. This quick-paced competition combines the velocity of break-neck speed riding, with the objective of precision target shooting. Together, this combination renders a spectacular showcase of gun powder smoke and equine action that will leave you breathless in your bleacher.
The object In Cowboy Mounted Shooting is to shoot ten balloon targets, horseback, using two .45 caliber single action revolvers loaded with black powder blanks. Each ride is timed with winning scores, based on shortest time, and highest accuracy of shooting. As a family sport, the CMSA, and many other clubs, offers competition to all levels of riders: Men, ladies, seniors and young wranglers 11 years and under.

Scott Poppenberger, Arizona Game & Fish Ranger by day, is a member, along with his wife Deanna and daughter Claire, of the ACMSA (Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association). Scott never really had anything against balloons until being completely humbled by them for the past year in mounted shooting.

Contact Info for Mounted Shooting: www.newmsa.com www.cowboymountedshooting.com

Dusty Kerby, Horse Trainer, Arizona Horseman’s Challenge 2014
Clinic Topic: Establishing a Dialogue with your Horse Through
Pressure & Release
Originally from New River, Dusty grew up cowboying and became involved in competitive team roping and rodeo. He left home quite young working on ranches, rodeoing around the country, and discovering a lot of different styles of horsemanship and great horsemen at work. That's what initially inspired Dusty to improve his horsemanship skills, compelling himself to constantly grow and improve. “I cowboyed and trained horses in the U.S. until 1998.” Then, Dusty got the opportunity to travel to Europe and train horses. During that time he gained a lot of knowledge and experience in many fields and disciplines of horsemanship. Dusty was training reining horses when he made the decision to settle back in the USA.

“Horses have brought me around the world and given me the chance to meet a lot of pretty neat people. Any successes I've had in my life have come from horses, and for that I'm grateful.”
Dusty aims to share his knowledge with people so that they will have better relationships with their horses, and their horses have better lives as a result. He tries to adapt his methods to suit each horse's personality and comprehension abilities. He doesn't believe that there is a single way to train a horse, and that you can learn from anybody. He also tries to see things from the horse’s perspective. He tries to keep the process simple for the horse by making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult.

Contact Info: 480-286-2052 Email:dustykerby1@gmail.com

Craig Stevens, Back Country Horsemen of Central Arizona
Clinic Topic: “Horse Packing Demo”
Back Country Horsemen of Central Arizona (BCHCAZ) contributes time and equipment use to government agencies for a multitude of highly invaluable tasks in Arizona’s public lands. Projects include packing out trash, clearing, building and improving trails, building trailhead facilities, and assisting in planning strategies to enhance the use and enjoyment of horses on Arizona trails.

Contact information: Denny Murray, President, 928-636-7868 amberlee8008@msn.com



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