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Holly Shanahan, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Snazzy’s Progression-Year 3

Holly Shanahan is a fifth generation from the Verde Valley.   She rode in her first parade at the age of 2 and has been deeply involved in the horse world since. 
Holly is currently enjoying being a stay at home mom and working with her equestrian clients part-time.  She can help you with foal foundation, tune-up, rehabilitating abused horses, helping owners find suitable homes for their horses and helping people find horses that match their riding style.  She is a strong believer in building a good relationship with the horse on the ground first, and incorporates natural horsemanship skills into her training as well as exposing horses to every environment possible.  She is a strong believer in that, “if you don’t trust your horse they will not trust you”.            

Contact Info:   928.300.4132      Hollyshanahan@live.com   


Ned Leigh, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Square Pen Reasoning

Ned and his wife Rita moved to the Prescott area in 1977. Drawing on memories of his youth and his father’s gentle way with horses, he started a newly purchased colt with longe lines and slowly progressed to saddling. He observed methods of using the nature of the horse to accomplish in a short time what had been taking him a month or two. This pinnacle moment sparked a desire to learn all he could about the nature of a horse and the way a horse learns. Ned’s business focuses on Colt Starting, Behavior Modification, Horsemanship Education through private classes, clinics and seminars and Horse Transportation with specialized handling.

Contact Info: www.nedleighequinefocus.com


Lizz Blaum, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Dressage for the Casual Rider

Lizz grew up in New York riding hunter/jumper horses and eventers. Deciding to make horses her career, Lizz chose to attend the University of Findlay in Ohio.  Trainers at the college were able to send Lizz to Germany for a summer to ride for Tim and Helena Stormanns, international show jumpers.  In her senior year she joined the Intercollegiate Dressage Association and qualified for Nationals as both an individual and team rider.  The University of Findlay placed 5th as a team and Lizz was the reserve champion in her division. 

Now, Lizz travels to clients properties in Chino Valley and Prescott, sharing her experience and helping clients with green horses. The majority of riders she works with are recreational and simply want to enjoy the time they spend with their horses.  Clear communication is the goal of Lizz’s training, regardless of the saddle the horse wears. Lizz strives to help her riders understand what they are actually ‘saying’ to their horse and ‘listen’ to what their horse is trying to tell them. Lizz also starts horses under saddle preparing them for life as a partner.

Contact info:  928.848.7033      zz.training.llc@gmail.com


Beth Moon, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Common Sense Horsemanship in a One Size Fits all World

"One of the most rewarding things I do is to be able to help people and horses come together and work in harmony." 

Beth Moon grew up in Oregon and started riding at a young age. Horses have always been a part of everyday life, but it wasn't until she bought a 7 month old foal when she was 21 that a real love of training began.  She has been giving riding lessons and starting young horses ever since.  The philosophies at JMB Oasis Ranch are "Common Sense Horsemanship" and "Start with the Basics" with an emphasis on safety.   In 2009 Beth purchased her stallion JMB Circuit Preacher with a goal of breeding all around Quarter Horses that can be used in many disciplines.  With three breeding seasons behind them 2015 is "the year of the 2 year old" and Preacher's first foal "Pixie" is getting her start under saddle.   Beth lives with her husband Jim in San Tan Valley, AZ on their mini ranch. 

Contact Info:  480.247.0682    oasisranch@gmail.com     www.jmboasisranch.com


Jody Swink, Horse Trainer, Jody Swink’s “No Sweat” Natural Horsemanship

Clinic Topic:  Colt Starting/Overview of Az. Horseman’s Challenge Rules


K.I.S.S… Keep It Slow and Simple.  This has always been Jody’s philosophy in training and fostering strong, connected relationships with our horse partners.  Although there is no one training method that works for all horses, he has found that moving slowly and offering simple, yet concise communication guarantees success, time and time again.  Jody trains horses at his facility as well as traveling the state of Arizona to assist others in training their horses.   

Jody, however, has become more than just an effective horse trainer; he is the creator and founder of the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge, now in its third year.  Jody is one of the most innovative promoters in the Arizona horse event arenas today.  From the conception of the AZ Horseman’s Challenge, to its evolving into an actual barn-buster event, this exciting competition is rapidly becoming a hit for equestrian audiences throughout Arizona.  The event he created has also served to promote good horse trainers from the different regions of the state, while advocating good horsemanship, and offering the public the opportunity to enjoy everything equestrian in one location.    

Contact Info:  602.330.4917 jswinknosweat@q.com or www.jodyswink.com


Sara Boland, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Developing Mind and Body in a Young Horse

Sara Boland is a 5th generation Verde Valley Arizonan. She grew up riding horses with her grandpa, riding on the ranch and going on pack trips and other adventures. Sara harbored an interest in training horses early on and at age 12, started her first colt under the supervision of her grandpa and inspiration, Don Godard. The mare’s name was Chili, and Godard still rides the mare to this day. In high school, Sara had the opportunity to work for local trainers Trish and Rygh Westby while continuing to ride with her grandpa and show in local 4-H events. “The Westby’s are excellent horse people and opened my eyes to different techniques”, remarks Boland.
Sara attended the University of Arizona where she started colts, tutored students with learning disabilities, and worked in a meat processing plant in order to earn a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. She works as a School Counselor at Camp Verde Elementary School and starts colts as a side job. Sara’s philosophy when working with horses is to: 1) seek help from experts (there are a lot of good horse men and women here in the Verde Valley) 2) never stop learning and trying new things 3) keep your ego out of it (which is easier said than done).
Sara currently resides in Cottonwood with husband Martin and son Colton. She is inspired by many local trainers, including sister Holly Shanahan. Boland’s pipe dream? “ …to start colts and train and show horses In Ranch Versatility.”
Contact Info:   520.730.6246   p_sara_77@hotmail.com


C.L. “Lee” Anderson, Living Historian, Horseman of the Old School
Clinic Topic:  Developing the Art of Equine Communication 

Lee Anderson and his race track rescued horse, Concho, are well-known throughout Arizona through their living cowboy history presentations and horseman’s clinics. Lee's skills have been acquired through well over half a century of horse training experience and research. Among his accomplishments have been pleasure horses, reining horses, game horses, and trail horses. In 1965, as manager and trainer for Trefoil Farms in Wisconsin he showed the #2 Arabian Trail Horse in the nation at the Arabian National Finals. He has competed successfully in 50 and 100 mile endurance rides.  His specialty, however, is training what are known as “bridle horses”.   Not only is Lee an accomplished horse trainer, he also authored the award winning book, “Developing the Art of Equine Communication”.

Contact Info:  CLAinAZ@aol.com    http://historicaloldwest.org/index.html


Jeremy Cluff, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Teaching a Friesian Stallion How to be a Cow Horse 

Jeremy Cluff is a great Arizona horseman known as the Horse Tamer. He received that name when he trained his Mustang "Widowmaker", a horse known for putting 2 other trainers in the hospital.  

He has over 20 years as a professional trainer and more than 500 horses under saddle to his credit. His clinics are always full of people wanting insight to his knowledge of horses and how they think.

As a competitive trainer Jeremy has participated in horsemanship contests throughout the west. His record includes being a two time money winner at the Luv Shack Trainers Challenge and two invitations to the Arizona Horseman's Challenge.

Recently Jeremy has taken on the adventure of working in the movies, working as a Technical Consultant, Stunt Rider, and Actor. Credited in "A Horse For Summer"(2014) and "Deadly Sanctuary"(2015).

Contact Info:  602.770.2814    horse.tamer@ymail.com


Chance Stone, Farrier 

My love for horses started at a very young age in life due to being raised around the ranching and rodeo lifestyle. Ever since I was a very young child my family and I were always involved somehow with horses. In the beginning, most of my involvement with horses was based around participating in rodeo events including mostly the team roping and saddle bronc riding. During my high school years I rode a few colts for a trainer or any friends who had young horses that they wanted rode. After my senior year I shod horses under Charlie Hill while furthering my education at Central Arizona College. As to this day I still shoe horses for Charlie Hill as well as myself in the East Valley area. It was during this time working alongside Charlie that I really became aware of how to fill in for different horses and their different needs. As well as gaining a vast amount of insight in the shoeing aspect of the horses I was also very fortunate to have opportunities to start young colts with Charlie’s guidance. I was able to have help and insight when needed and was allowed to struggle through areas to find where I could fill in for these young horses. I enjoy greatly how the starting of colts is not just learning how to start green horses, but how it teaches us as horseman how to fill in for the naive horse and how we can use this in all of our horsemanship activities.  I do not consider myself a horse trainer and have no intentions at this time to make a living by starting colts, due to the fact that I enjoy my career as a farrier and my continuous efforts in the rodeo arena. However I consider myself a young man who has knowledge of how to bring these young horses along in a favorable fashion. My hope is that there is at least one person that can take away something that I have to offer and apply it in their own horsemanship practices.


Jason Gifford, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Foundation Under Saddle

Jason Gifford has been involved with the horse industry as a rider, trainer, showman and student of the horse for more than 14 years.  After high school, Jason was fortunate enough to have worked for a few large cattle/horse ranches in Wyoming and Colorado, spending many hours in the saddle.  It didn't take long for Jason to realize that starting colts and training horses was the only career he wanted to focus on. 

After leaving the cattle ranch life, Jason went to work as an assistant trainer for a few different professional horsemen.   During the past several years, Jason has had experience training and working with horses in the following disciplines: reining, cutting, team sorting, trail riding, and working ranch horses.  Jason has also had the opportunity to start and work with a few Mustangs from the BLM.

In the summer of 2012, Jason was fortunate to have gone on the colt starting/horsemanship tour with Larry Nelles throughout Canada.  "I enjoy teaching horses a solid foundation so they can go on to be successful in any discipline," says Jason. 

Jason currently operates a horse training program for most breeds and is available for you to contact for more information.

Contact Info:  623.293.7487 www.giffordequine.com


Ty Jones, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Circle Drills 

Ty spent a lifetime molding together an understanding of Horsemanship. For the love of horses and despite a long list of failures he kept the learning desire alive. His idea was to watch others, pick their brains, and apply what he saw, “At first, I thought they didn’t want to lend a hand, and then I realized that they didn’t know anything about horses.  That’s when I took the Horse Journey.” 

 The journey followed years of attending various professional clinics, private lessons, and what he calls, “Distant Learning.”  Today, most of what Ty applies towards horsemanship involves a straightforward, common sense approach that allows a connection which opens a path to partnership.  Knowledge, patience, persistence, and the willingness to learn are what he finds effective, "It’s their mind we want to motivate.  Once you get their mind, you can supple their body.” 

In addition to conducting clinics and demonstrations, Ty starts colts, works with troubled horses, and helps youth horsemanship programs. Ty’s horsemanship philosophy involves a combination of principles, values, and knowledge, and the respect for horses to develop a partnership. 

Ty is a native descendent of the Dine/Paiute and grew up in various adoption homes.  He now resides in Flagstaff, AZ.

Contact Info:  928.310.6432   ty.jones@nau.edu   http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~tj4/


Samantha Jepson, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Obstacle Trail Demo

Samantha began her riding career at the age of six, riding three day eventing horses. Over the course of her life she has drifted from a career in the show ring to working with problem horses, confidence challenged riders, and colt starting. As she says, it is the most satisfying reward to see the progress of these students!

Specializing in starting colts and working with problem horses, she has the back ground to put a solid foundation on any horse, and the ability to help any horse work through issues it may have.  She has completed multiple apprenticeships under world class trainers in working cow horse, cutting, reining, english and western pleasure.

 She spent a number of years in the team roping arena and working on ranches, so she fully understands what is needed in a good working horse.

 Samantha loves teaching riding lessons, and she herself has spent her life learning. She has a wonderful way of teaching, from the ground up with a great deal of patience. With a down to earth way of explaining how to clearly ask your horse to accomplish what you are asking of it, her students learn quickly and advance their horsemanship skills to levels she never expected to see!

Contact Info:  520.591.9950  Twobraidstraining@gmail.com  www.Twobraidstraining.web.com


Brian Bausch, 5 Time World Champion
Clinic Topic:  “Beyond Riding” 

Brian Bausch takes his equine companions worldwide with the incomparable techniques he creates in “Beyond Riding”. His unique training methods serve to challenge bothrider and horse, building character and adding new life and exuberance, focusing on everything except merely sitting in the saddle. His exclusive insight allows Brian to take any horse and develop its athletic ability to go beyond the abilities of the average rider. 

 In 2005, Brian married Paula, and the two are happily partnered in all their different aspects of the horse industry. They share their love of horses so evident in "Beyond Riding", informing and entertaining through appearances in horse expos, training videos, and horse magazine features. Witnessing the two young horses they personally trained fly off to perform with the international production Cavalia in 2006 added great excitement and accomplishment. The couple have shared multiple World and National Champion success, and also had the opportunity to train Arabian stallions in the Middle East.  

Brian was the first horse act to appear on America’s Got Talent and in 2012 became Reserve Champion (Project) Cowboy in Pomona, California. The Guest Celebrity Judge, and entertainer, appearing at AQYHA 2013 World Show in Oklahoma City, Brian has years invested in the youth. He shares his history of bronc riding, tie-down and team roping, coaching rodeo teams in Michigan, to presently serving with his wife as Equestrian Director at Orme School of Arizona. Brian’s energy, athleticism, along with his keen sensitivity to the horse, continues to thrill and excite audiences in every arena.

Contact Info:  www.BrianBausch.com





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