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Verde Valley Equine Festival Clinics

For specific day and times to view each clinic, please see our event schedule.


Ben Monarque, Horse Trainer, 2016 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Competitor
Clinic Topic: Introduction to Ground Driving
Clinic Objective: 
Learn how to safely use long lines as a part of your pre ride training 

Ben Monarque practices a special brand of horse training:  Common Sense Horsemanship.   Working with young horses of all breeds and disciplines for well over 25 years, Ben has developed a certain quality that allows him to excel at communicating and understanding each particular horse’s behavior and needs.

At the ripe old age of 7, Ben Monarque began riding and working with horses, eventually maturing into a lifestyle he was destined to live and to love.

He has worked with cutting and reining horses, as well as English pleasure, fine harness and gaited horses too.

He excels at communicating and truly understanding a horse’s behavior and needs, practicing Natural Common Sense Horsemanship, Ben’s hallmark philosophy, with an all-important emphasis on safety.

From starting and developing young horses, to problem solving and fine tuning their talents, Ben’s unequivocal instinct and skills in the equine world are effective and amazing.

Contact Info:  602.301.0439     bdmonarque@yahoo.com

Bob Broyles, Horse Trainer, 2016 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge
Clinic Topic:  Rider Confidence: Replacing Fear with Knowledge
Clinic Objective:
  How to be a good leader for your horse to alleviate confidence issues. 

Bob considers himself a student of the horse.  He views the horse as a simple minded creature and finds success in simple, straight forward communication.   Humans have a knack for making things more complex and difficult than necessary then, paired with goal oriented people, and it can easily become a negative situation for a horse.  Bob sticks to several old, but time tested adages for training horses, such as making the right thing easy, the wrong thing difficult, and asking a little, asking a lot, and he who makes the other move their feet wins.  Bob believes every single occurrence between us and our horses is training.   

Horsemanship is a journey, and Bob’s has been ever growing.  He states that some of his major influences have been Chris Cox, Julie Goodnight, Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Walter Zettel, although he does not follow any particular method.  Bob has found that all good horsemen share similarities, have a deep toolbox and do what is necessary in any given situation.  Bob has been featured on the Horse Master with Julie Goodnight Show, attended the 2015 Road To The Horse event to support Chris Cox, and competed in the Arizona Extreme Mustang Makeover.   Through his experiences, it has become apparent that many have a thirst for knowledge to improve the relationship between horse and rider.  Bob admits that he is not the best, or the most experienced.   However, he gets all horses that he works with to be more thinking and less reactive minded.  Bob recognizes that each horse is unique and looks for every opportunity to make it right by each horse. 

Bob’s focus is primarily on mustangs, but he takes in other horses for training as well.  He will be competing in several Mustang Makeovers, and regularly gentles mustangs and burros through the Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP training program.   

Contact Info:  520.256.0668   bobbroyles@aol.com    www.broyleshorsemanship.com

Craig Moore, Horse Trainer, 2016 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Competitor
Clinic Topic:  How to Think Like a Horse
Clinic Objective:
  Learn to better communicate with your horse to build a stronger relationship. 

Craig is an honest, hardworking individual but he prides himself on being a smart worker as well.  He feels that this is important in horse training because you can work with a horse all day long but if you are creating bad habits then you won’t get very far.  Craig believes that horses are professional people trainers and when people truly unlock the communication barrier between horse and rider the results are limitless.  

Craig didn’t start riding horses until he was 13 years old and became a first generation rodeo cowboy. Starting out in the Arizona High School Rodeo Association and later doing college rodeo through Central Arizona College.  After college he went to California where he worked under the horse trainer Les Oswald for a year.  Craig learned many important lessons from Les and was able to gain experience the right way, with his butt in the saddle for 10 hours a day.  Craig believes that people are meant to learn through doing and not watching.  After leaving California, Craig spent the summer in Oregon starting horses for anyone that needed a test jockey on their horses that had never been mounted.  After coming back to Arizona, Craig took a few year hiatus from horses, becoming a decent golfer and getting his degree in paramedicine.   

Craig realized how much he had missed horses when he found his current girlfriend Hannah who owns and trains her own barrel horses.  Craig and Hannah currently train horses together and are avid about continuing their education in the world of horses.  They believe that horses are like people and experience the same emotions as people.  Horses have good days, bad days, lazy days and above all else they can lose their confidence.  As trainers they believe that it is the responsibility of the rider to instill confidence in horses while teaching the horse how to unlock their full potential as an equine athlete.   

Craig says that he enjoys the people training as well, because he feels that training horses is many times only half of the job.  Craig encourages people to reach out to him if they have any questions or need help with their equine partners.  Craig is excited to compete in the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge to see how his years of experience and knowledge will serve him with the young horses and tough competition.

Contact Info:  928.301.9167     arizona_dude101@yahoo.com

JJ Anderson, Horse Trainer, 2016 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Competitor
Clinic Topic:  Laying a Solid Foundation
Clinic Objective:
  The importance of leg yields and gaining a soft feel for a solid foundation. 

JJ was born and raised in Arizona to a family of all boys. He grew up around horses and team roping and then when older started to lean more toward training horses. Over last few years JJ trained at Rice Quarter horses in Casa Grande and was able to learn and grow with the help of the Rice’s and many horses he started and trained.  JJ had the opportunity to compete in the Mustang Makeover in Queen Creek, placed in the top ten and was invited to participate in The Mustang Magic competition in Fort Worth, Texas.  Since then he has moved to his own facility, married his beautiful wife and continues to train for the public as well as being a Tip trainer for mustangs.  JJ enjoys working with all kinds of horses from starting them to working with problem horses and helping owners understand their horses better.  

Contact Info:   520.610.3421    doublejhorsemanship@gmail.com

Katherine Barbarite, Horse Trainer, International Equine Presenter & Lecturer
Clinic Topic One:  Partnership and Confidence Building Structured Foundation
Clinic Objective:
  Clinician will demonstrate how to develop concise communication and a better understanding of horse psychology and mechanics in order to improve timing, finesse, balance and feel for a harmonious relationship.
Clinic Topic Two:  Partnership and Confidence Building Equitation 4X4
Clinic Objective:
  Clinician will work on concepts developed in clinic one and will demonstrate specific movements to improve mechanics in the saddle and to show why bad timing and poor releases lead to unhappy or resistant horses. 

Katherine has been a featured equine presenter/ demonstrator and lecturer in multiple equine expos nationally and internationally.  She has also been a contributor to multiple equine magazines and articles.  Katherine is a certified Horse Trainer with Frank Bell and is a Certified Horseman’s Association Riding Instructor in both Western and English disciplines.   

Katherine teaches a straight forward set of exercises that aide in the development of a calm confident horse and rider. No matter the skill level or discipline, these steps remove fear and resistance, elevating trust, communication and bond. Understanding the importance of herd structure and leadership to enhance safety and promote growth. Learn why bad timing and poor releases lead to unhappy and resistant horses. Most of all,”become more than a passenger, become a partner”.

 “Ask… Wait… then Give for Results” “Connect with the mind and the feet will follow”— Katherine Barbarite

Contact Info:  631.764.7515     www.whisperinghooves.com     Kathy@whisperinghooves.com

Lizz Blaum, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Riding with Precision
Clinic Objective: 
Clinician will demonstrate the benefits of riding with the horse being as responsive as    possible, showing the effects small changes from the rider will have on the horse. 

Lizz grew up in New York riding hunter/jumper horses and eventers. Deciding to make horses her career, Lizz chose to attend the University of Findlay in Ohio.  Trainers at the college were able to send Lizz to Germany for a summer to ride for Tim and Helena Stormanns, international show jumpers.  In her senior year she joined the Intercollegiate Dressage Association and qualified for Nationals as both an individual and team rider.  The University of Findlay placed 5th as a team and Lizz was the reserve champion in her division. 

Now, Lizz travels to client’s properties in Chino Valley and Prescott, sharing her experience and helping clients with green horses. The majority of riders she works with are recreational and simply want to enjoy the time they spend with their horses.  Clear communication is the goal of Lizz’s training, regardless of the saddle the horse wears. Lizz strives to help her riders understand what they are actually ‘saying’ to their horse and ‘listen’ to what their horse is trying to tell them. Lizz also starts horses under saddle preparing them for life as a partner. 

Contact info:  928.848.7033      zz.training.llc@gmail.com

Robin Grande, Horse Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Building Connection and Confidence from the Ground Up
Clinic Objective:
  Learn groundwork principles that will directly transfer to riding for safety, connection and fun! 

Robin Grande (Ryner) is an accomplished horse trainer and horsemanship instructor who teaches all riding disciplines with an emphasis on groundwork to improve your riding and relationship with your horse.  Robin combines her 24 years of experience in dressage, show jumping and endurance, along with a strong background in natural horsemanship to customize an approach that works for you and your horse.  Her step-by-step approach to groundwork and riding instruction helps you discover and develop the skills to fully enjoy the process of learning with your horse and realizing your goals.  Robin’s wise, good-natured, and non-judgmental style creates an inspiring and supportive atmosphere for you to achieve an enjoyable and rewarding connection with your horse.  She encourages her students to develop the skills and confidence to problem-solve with their horses. 

Robin provides intensive educational experiences for horses and their owners at Compass Equine INC, her training center in Prescott Valley, AZ.  In addition to offering riding instruction that incorporates all aspects of horsemanship skills, Robin specializes in starting horses and their owners out on the right foot and sends them home with the knowledge to maintain their education and training. She also trains and conditions endurance horses and their riders for limited distance up to 100-mile rides. 

Contact Info:  360.630.6227    Compassequineinc@gmail.com

Samantha Jepson, Horse Trainer, 2015 Az. Horseman’s Challenge
Clinic Topic:  Clear Communication
Clinic Objective:
  Learn what your body language and seat is communicating to your horse. 

Samantha began her riding career at the age of six, riding three day eventing horses. Over the course of her life she has drifted from a career in the show ring to working with problem horses, confidence challenged riders, and colt starting. As she says, it is the most satisfying reward to see the progress of these students! 

Specializing in starting colts and working with problem horses, she has the back ground to put a solid foundation on any horse, and the ability to help any horse work through issues it may have.  She has completed multiple apprenticeships under world class trainers in working cow horse, cutting, reining, english and western pleasure. 

She spent a number of years in the team roping arena and working on ranches, so she fully understands what is needed in a good working horse. 

Samantha loves teaching riding lessons, and she herself has spent her life learning. She has a wonderful way of teaching, from the ground up with a great deal of patience. With a down to earth way of explaining how to clearly ask your horse to accomplish what you are asking of it, her students learn quickly and advance their horsemanship skills to levels she never expected to see! 

Contact Info:  520.591.9950  Twobraidstraining@gmail.com  http://www.twobraidstraining.webs.com/

C.L. “Lee” Anderson, Living Historian, Horseman of the Old School, 2016 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Competitor

Clinic Topic:  Proper Use of the California Hackamore

Clinic Objective:  Clinician will demonstrate how the hackamore should be used to train a horse to properly carry a bit. 

Lee Anderson and his race track rescued horse, Concho, have become well-known throughout Arizona through their cowboy living history presentations and horseman’s clinics. Lee is a highly skilled horseman with well over half a century of horse training experience and research. He has successfully trained horses for pleasure, reining, games, and trail. In 1965, as manager and trainer for Trefoil Farms in Wisconsin he showed the #2 Arabian Trail Horse in the nation at the Arabian National Finals. He has also successfully competed in 50 and 100 mile endurance rides.  His specialty, however, is training what is known as a “bridle horse” using the traditional methods of the 1800 Spanish Vaqueros. Not only is Lee an accomplished horse trainer he also authored the award winning book, “Developing the Art of Equine Communication”. 

Contact Info:  623.221.3804   CLAinAZ@aol.com

Jason Gifford, Horse Trainer, 2016 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Judge, 2015 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Competitor
Clinic Topic:  Foundation Under Saddle/Body Control

Clinic Objective:  Clinician will demonstrate how to achieve total softness in the horse, how to achieve body control under saddle and why it is important.

 Jason Gifford has been involved with the horse industry as a trainer and equine appraiser for more than 14 years.  After high school, Jason was fortunate enough to have worked on a few large cattle/horse ranches in Wyoming and Colorado, spending many hours in the saddle.  It did not take long for Jason to realize that training horses was the only career he wanted to focus on. 

After leaving the cattle ranch life, Jason went to work as an assistant trainer for a few different professional horsemen.   During the past several years, he has had experience training and working with horses in the following disciplines: reining, cutting, team sorting, trail riding, and working ranch horses.  Jason has also had the opportunity to start and work with a few Mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 

In the summer of 2012, Jason was fortunate to have gone on the colt starting/horsemanship tour with Larry Nelles throughout Canada.  "I enjoy teaching horses a solid foundation and body control so they can be successful in any discipline," says Jason. 

Jason currently operates a horse training program for most breeds, located at Stage Line Ranch in Desert Hills, Az. and is available for you to contact for more information. 

Contact Info:  623.293.7487 www.giffordequine.com

Jody Swink, Horse Trainer, Jody Swink’s “No Sweat” Natural Horsemanship, Director Az. Horseman’s Challenge, J & K Yearlings

Clinic Topic:  Developing your Next Horse/Mule from the Ground Up

Clinic Objective:  Clinician will demonstrate methods for starting your yearling to make a well broke, well rounded horse when he reaches maturity.

K.I.S.S… Keep It Slow and Simple.  This has always been Jody’s philosophy in training and fostering strong, connected relationships with our horse partners.  Although there is no one training method that works for all horses, he has found that moving slowly and offering simple, yet concise communication guarantees success, time and time again.  Jody trains horses at his facility as well as traveling the state of Arizona to assist others in training their horses.   

Jody, however, has become more than just an effective horse trainer; he is the creator and founder of the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge, now in its third year.  Jody is one of the most innovative promoters in the Arizona horse event arenas today.  From the conception of the AZ Horseman’s Challenge, to its evolving into an actual barn-buster event, this exciting competition is rapidly becoming a hit for equestrian audiences throughout Arizona.  The event he created has also served to promote good horse trainers from the different regions of the state, while advocating good horsemanship, and offering the public the opportunity to enjoy everything equestrian in one location.    

Contact Info:  602.330.4917 jswinknosweat@q.com or www.jodyswink.com

Lanny Leach, Professional Horseman, Clinician, 2016 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Judge, 2013 Az.   Horseman’s Challenge Champion

Clinic Topics:  Demonstrating Transitions and Turning on the Hind Quarters

Clinic Objective:  Clinician will show transitions in speed and how to achieve a powerful turn on the horse’s hindquarters. 

Lanny Leach comes from true American ranching heritage. His great grandfather, grandfather and father all homesteaded and managed cattle ranches in Nebraska. At age 2 Lanny started riding; he broke his first horse at 12 and won several All Around Cowboy titles during high school rodeo. 

In his early 20’s Lanny already owned and managed his own cattle ranch which included starting and training his horses for cattle work and wagon team work.  A move to Arizona in 2003 shifted more of Lanny’s time to working with horses; at one point he managed 70 horses.  

Lanny’s style of horsemanship involves 7 principles: knowledge, patience, preparation, planning, consistency, repetition, and change. He credits his Dad, Wilford as his mentor, for instilling in him a deep understanding and appreciation of horses. 

His success starting young horses and resolving issues with “problematic” horses led to the growth of his horse training business. His son Logan would later join him based out of the Tanque Verde Stables in Tucson. Soon after, they added clinics and seminars to their services. 

It was at this time Lanny and Logan began competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover events. Lanny has placed in the top 10 of 7 EMM finals in California, Colorado and Texas. When Lanny relocated to Texas in 2011, Logan launched his own training business in Colorado (then Nebraska).
Lanny continued offering clinics throughout the Southwest and began to concentrate on “difficult to train” horses and starting horses that had never been under saddle. He was invited in 2013 to compete in the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge, a colt starting competition at which he received the first place buckle.

In 2013 Lanny also received the prestigious George Gregory True Grit Memorial award at the Mustang Million competition in Fort Worth.  

To fulfill the demand of clients, Lanny spent 2014 based in southern Arizona where he trained horses, gave lessons and conducted clinics. Throughout the year, he traveled to participate in the Colt Starting Challenge USA program, finishing 2nd at the National Finals held in Las Vegas in December 2015. He also served as a judge for the 2014 and 2015 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge.   

Throughout 2015 Lanny has served as training advisor for the Montgomery Creek Ranch wild horse sanctuary in northern California.  Nearly 200 wild horses and mustangs have been settled on to the 2,000 acre facility, where Lanny established a formal training program and has trained several of the horses for adoption.

In May Lanny will be traveling between Nebraska and the southwest to continue his work with clients and their horses.  He is also promoting the UNBRANDED movie and book project for which he served as trainer and advisor. 

 In addition to horse training, Lanny is a noted cow dog trainer.  He guarantees his dogs will always show up on time and sober!

Contact Info:  520.591.2494   kjleach2004@yahoo.com  Lannyleachhorsemanship.com

Ron McLoughlin, Owner/Clinician, McLoughlin Horse Handling Clinics

Head Instructor Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona

Ron McLoughlin is a widely-respected international clinician who has conducted over 885 clinics and worked with thousands of students in the United States and Europe.  He teaches a humane and versatile lateral system of training, the Foreman-McLoughlin system, focusing on the horse’s footwork and using the maneuvers of the Basic Handle.  This is accomplished with a classical approach to riding instruction and horse training.  Ron has been passionate about horses and about working with people who handle horses, for over 50 years.  He has imparted the skills necessary to becoming a rider to each student, and is enjoyed by many for his insightful instruction and witty teaching style.  In addition to his 3 day clinics for riders of all skill levels and disciplines, he conducts regional workshops, resident short courses and educational demonstrations and seminars.  He has worked with many organizations such as the US Border Patrol mounted division, regional mounted patrol and search & rescue teams, and schools with equestrian programs.  He has produced a series of educational equine DVDs and audio work-out CDs for horse and rider, and writes horse articles for publications.  He currently runs a 501 C 3 riding school as head instructor, aimed at students wishing to become top riding instructors and trainers.

Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona (CSSSA)
P.O. Box 599 Pearce, Arizona 85625
Contact Info:    email: csssa@ClassicalStockSeat.org    Phone: (520) 384-3889

Tim Lawrence, Horse Trimmer-Treadlightly Barefoot Equine Services
Clinic Topic:  Fitting, Adjusting and Repairing Renegade Hoof Boots
Clinic Objective:
  Tim will demonstrate how to fit, adjust and repair Renegade Boots including glue ons. 

Tim Lawrence has been trimming barefoot equines professionally since 2007. He mentored with Kirt Lander, creator and owner of the Renegade Hoof boot, as both a trimmer and boot-fitter from the outset of his trimming career.  

As an endurance rider, Tim has accumulated 2500 miles, four first place awards, four Best Condition awards, and 18 Top Ten awards. He has also completed one 100 mile race and three Pioneer rides (three 50 mile races in a row).  This year, he and his mare Syndee Kate, received the Decade Team Award. His horses, Katee and Guinness, have met most of these milestones while wearing Renegade hoof boots. 

Providing Renegade boot-fitting services to his clients is a cornerstone of his business Treadlightly Barefoot Equine Services, located in Camp Verde, Arizona. Tim believes that the high performance Renegade hoof boot can be an integral part of the success of barefoot horses and their riders.

Jacqueline Kruglick, Horse/Rider Trainer
Clinic Topic:  Art of Riding Both English and Western
Clinic Objective: 
Clinician will focus on the balanced seat, how to drive a horse forward to a receiving hand with balance, straightness and rhythm. 

Jacqueline’s equestrian expertise was acquired after years of serious training.  She rode for Arizona State University, trained in Ireland, England and Germany competing in Show Jumping.  After becoming British Qualified, she returned to the U.S. and rode with Olympic coaches and riders.  Jacqueline has competed successfully in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping and Competitive Trail Riding.  She has trained and showed all horse breeds in all disciplines, including Western Pleasure and Side Saddle.   As a Quarter Horse World Qualifier, Jacqueline enjoyed two years as State Champion.  Her favorite winning Buckle, however, was acquired in the celebrated 100-mile Tevis Cup in one day.  She started the first Saddle and Rodeo Club at Scottsdale Community College and has taught and trained in Scottsdale and Cave Creek for years under Twin Acres School of Riding.  Jacqueline now resides full time at her ranch in Cornville where she teaches private and group lessons.

Contact information:  480-250-9700, 450 S. Merritt Ranch Rd.  Cornville, AZ  86325.  

                                         For pictures, go to www twinacresriding.com


Sara Boland, Horse Trainer, 2016/2015 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Judge,  2014 Az. Horseman’s Challenge Competitor
Clinic Topic:  How to Build a Relationship with a Horse
Clinic Objective: 
Viewer will walk away with ideas on how to identify areas where they can better serve their horses in order to build deeper and more positive relationships. 

Sara Boland is a 5th generation resident of the Verde Valley.  She grew up riding with her grandfather, Don Godard, showing in 4-H and FFA events, and competing in local gymkhanas.  In high school she had the opportunity to work for a local pleasure horse trainer and then for Trish and Rygh Westby, who along with her grandfather, are some of her most valued equine mentors.  Boland started colts to earn money for college and has continued riding as much as possible.  She competed in the Arizona Horseman’s Challenge in 2014 and was reserve champion and had the pleasure of being one of the judges at the event in 2015 and now in 2016.  Boland enjoys mentoring younger riders who are interested in developing positive relationships with their horses.

Boland is a school counselor at Camp Verde Middle School and is thankful for the support of her family, friends, and most of all, her loves, Martin and Colton.

Clinic Assistants:  Talon Whitely, Brittney Busich, Ashlynn Busich

Contact Info:  520.730.6246      p_sara_77@hotmail.com




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